Isaac Phan Nay can run fast.

I produce media about climate, science, business and politics. Recently, I reported why First Nations are suing the provincial and federal government over resource extraction and land regulation in northern Ontario. My work has appeared in Canada's National Observer, the Toronto Star and the Breach.

Previously, I reported for Canada's National Observer via the Local Journalism Initiative. There, wrote about the portable farms feeding Canada's remote communities and the Canadians fighting light pollution to protect dark skies.

Before that, I reported for the Toronto Star where I covered breaking news and crime. I investigated a conservation authority’s legal action after developers farmed on provincially significant wetlands and reported how three Cree First Nations pushed back against Ontario over damage to boreal forests.

I also co-hosted and produced Charlatan Live, a weekly podcast about news, research, arts and sports in Ottawa. There, I produced a story about how Canadian researchers found strange radio signals from space. I also reported and produced this story about the remote sensing researchers trying to use satellites to save critically endangered North American right whales:

Before that, I was news editor at the Charlatan, where I edited and reported community news. There, my reporting about Carleton University's free period product dispensers won the Canadian University Press John H. McDonald award for public health reporting.

My Paved Paradise feature, which investigated the city of Ottawa’s plan to build a street over the capital’s largest community garden, earned a second place Emerge Media Award for feature writing.

Here are some of my photos:

Isaac Phan Nay took this photo for Canada's National Observer. Isaac Phan Nay took this photo. Isaac Phan Nay took this photo. Isaac Phan Nay took this photo. Isaac Phan Nay took this photo.

If you want to see what I've been up to, you should visit my Twitter! You can also find me on Instagram and read more of my best work here. This is my PGP public key, and you can email me at isaac.nay8@gmail.com or via encrypted email at isaacnay@protonmail.com.

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